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Guess the correct word in this game

Hurdle is a difficult puzzle game that many players around the world have had to give up. There are no suggested topics, you will have to guess a daily word.

Hurdle Wordle

If you love puzzle games, you may know the famous Wordle game. It is a genius game for players with a deep vocabulary and intelligence. In that game, you must guess a word with 5 letters daily. Of course, the word will change every day. There aren't any hints about the theme or beginning letter which make the Wordle game become more challenging. Do you think this game is impossible? Don't be too surprised! Now, I want to introduce a harder version of Wordle which is Hurdle. Why is the Hurdle game more challenging? You will know the correct letters, the letters that are not in the daily word after each guess like in Wordle. However, this will not be part of the rules of the game Hurdle. Here, you can only grasp the number of correct and misplaced letters. Of course, you won't know what letters they are without thinking. It is this that has caused many gamers to give up when participating in this difficult game Hurdle. Can you guess the daily word of this game?

Challenge your brain with the Hurdle game

Nowadays, there are thousands of games for you to choose from in your free time. You can choose an action, arcade, or puzzle game. You get confused when there are too many options. Then, why don't you try Hurdle? This game is not only entertaining but also educational. The game is designed with really simple graphics and easy controls, but it will take you hours to conquer this game. Only players with sharp reasoning can guess the correct word. This game has no time limit, so every time you enter a word, you need to think carefully. Because it is more difficult to play, you will have a total of 8 times to be able to guess the word. Once you've exhausted all the tries, you'll start over.

Hurdle gameplay

Let's find more about the rules of this word hurdle game! As I mentioned above, you will have 8 chances to guess 5 letters of the daily word. When guessing the five letter word of the day, each guess must be a valid word (according to the game's dictionary). Moreover, they must be valid. Otherwise, the game won't accept your answer. You just need to use the keywords to enter the characters. Then, you can click on the enter button to check the word. After that, you are able to see how many correct letters and letters with wrong position. The green tile indicates the number of correct characters in the correct position while the amber tile indicates the number of correct characters in the wrong position. You should utilize the clues you get after guessing some words. You can see the correct letters after you lose. From that, you also can know the right characters and their positions. Remember that there is only one word each day. Therefore, if you want to play another match with a different daily word, it's better to come back tomorrow.

Some tips to guess correctly

Although this game will be difficult for some people, with just a few simple tips you will get through this game. Let's explore these suggestions too

The importance of choosing starting words

You will choose words randomly on the first attempt. There will be some guidelines for choosing the first word such as it should contain 2 to 3 vowels and some commonly used consonants or the letters in the word should not overlap. As such, you can take advantage of the clues and eliminate as many letters as possible. If a word that repeats has 2-3 similar letters, the possibility of eliminating the incorrect letters will not be high. With rules, it's hard to come up with the right words. Don't worry, we suggest you a few words like crane, heart, tears, audio, ratio, roast, etc.

Require your deep vocabulary

In this Hurdle game, of course, you won't be able to guess the word correctly if you don't have a good vocabulary. The word given can be on any topic. So you need to expand your vocabulary to 5 letters so that you can easily find words. If you do not know a word, it will be difficult to arrange the correct letters even if you have all the letters right. This game will make you spend a lot of time passing. It is a great choice when you have too much free time. The peculiarity of this game will attract you. Moreover, you should only play this game for one day. If you play it and the next day its answer will change.

Take advantage of the clues

You will get hints of letters after each try. You will come close to the right word when you know more letters that make sense. Do not be in a hurry, you need time to be able to find the word that meets the requirements. Don't forget to share your journey and the right answer when you finish this game. Don't worry if you think other people will see the answer of the day because the keywords will be blurred out.

FAQ of Hurdle

Can I play this puzzle game on my mobile?

Yes. of course. Your mobile only needs to be connected to the internet.

Must I download this game to play?

The answer is no. This game has HTML5 technology, so you just play Hurdle on the web browser without installing it.

What is the word Hurdle answer today?

Each day will have a different word. Therefore, it doesn't have a specific answer.

Does it have simple controls?

Yes, it is. You can see a virtual keyboard on the screen. Let's use your mouse to click on it to type the letter.

Can I change the color of the background?

You can click on the light button in the right corner to change the color. However, there are only black and white backgrounds.

Can children play this game?

Yes, they can. Hurdle will help them expand their vocabulary. They can learn and relax at the same time.