Word Master

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About Word Master

Word Master is a completely free crossword puzzle game. Join this game and test your reasoning skills. You have to guess the correct words through 6 tries.

The word-guessing games are always great entertaining methods in your free time. However, I think that it's suitable for you when you are stressed. This game requires logical thinking and concentration, so you should play this game when you are relaxing. This game has many different answers, so you can play this game many times per day. Besides this game, you also can have fun with many different games such as Smart Looter, Stick Merge. All these games are suitable for age groups, even children. They are very easy to play with and simple to control. Moreover, they can enhance the players' skills.

Test your intelligence

Are you ready to challenge your IQ in Word Master? On the large table box on the screen, you definitely have to reason and choose the right characters to create meaningful crosswords. This will be a fun game for everyone of all ages. It also has the ability to help you test your ability and improve your vocabulary. It is also a fun way to help children remember words from basic to advanced. Hurry up, do not hesitate, and invite your friends to do interesting challenges right away.

Familiar rules

If you are a big fan of word games, you can't ignore Word Master. This game has the same rules as the game Hurdle. You have 6 tries to guess new words. However, this game doesn't have a daily word. You can replay or renew the answer any time you want. It means you don't need to wait for the next play on the next day. You can play many times with Word Master. As the name of this game, you can become a master of words after playing this game.


This game offers two main background colors for players. The default color is white, but you can turn on the dark mode. This mode can turn the background to black. Besides, there are three difficult levels which are easy, normal and hard. You should base on your ability to choose the level. For example, children can start the game with easy mode. After they enhance their skills, they can try normal and hard modes.

Features of Word Master

  • You can easily learn how to play this game. Just type the keyboard.
  • The game has simple graphics without any colorful graphics which are suitable for word-guessing games. Through this game, you can practice your patience and concentration.
  • Three different levels for you to choose. From that, you can improve your skill gradually. The full-screen mode is available in this game. Come and have fun with this challenging game.

How to control

  • If you play this game on mobile devices, you just tap the screen to type words.
  • If you play this game on a desktop, you can use the keyboard to type or click the left mouse on the virtual keyboards on the screen.