Word Jumble

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About Word Jumble

Word Jumble is a classic word puzzle game that you should try. Like the name of the game, having a lot of jumbled crosswords that need to rearrange in a short time.

Anagrams are words that can be created using only a single word or phrase's letters. An anagram is created by beginning with an existing word and rearranging the letters to create new ones, as opposed to a word jumble, which begins with an existing word. Finding the word hidden within a random arrangement of letters is the object of a word jumble puzzle. Its simple mechanics and brainteasers like the anagrams make it popular with readers both in print and online. To start the game, simply unscramble the four words. Then, using your understanding of the answers, figure out the final hint. The faster you solve each word, the more points you'll get from the score multiplier, so try to move as quickly as you can to increase your high score. The HINT button will display a letter for each word that has been mixed up. It might only take a little to get things going before you spread the word! You can keep pressing the hint button if you need more letters.

How To Control

Use the mouse to arrange the crosswords.