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About Birdle

Birdle is a fun game about birds completely free that is great for kids to exercise their brains. Play now and see how many birds you can guess in the UK.

Guess the bird names

Are you an animal lover, especially beautiful birds? Are you ready for the challenge of guessing the names of birds in the UK to show your knowledge? This game will be the same as Hurdle. The bird names are always five-letter. What bird name does appear in your brain? Sometimes, it isn't the correct answer. It is acceptable if you search for birds on the Internet. How many kinds of birds do you know? We really want to know your answer. This is an educational game for children. They can learn more about animals, especially birds. Sometimes, adults can discover new things through this game. Relaxing and educating at the same time through this puzzle game!

Limited tries in Birdle

One by one you will have six guesses. After those six times, you've lost. You cannot solve the mysterious bird's name and have to wait until the next day to find the next bird. But it won't be too scary if you use the "get a clue" option if you need assistance. Having pictures and help will make you solve puzzles a lot faster. Each guess must be a valid five-letter bird. Hit the enter button to submit. After each guess, the color of the tiles will change to show how close your guess was to the bird. You can also rely on the green-colored boxes to guess the mysterious words gradually. There will be a lot of words and letters for you to organize, but it should not be difficult if you know a lot about birds. After mastering this game, you can check out Word Wood on our website. Of course, you can also use the help of your friends or Google it, but we wouldn't recommend that.

When playing this game, you need note

  • The only topic of this game is birds, so you can only type names of birds and click enter. The words of other topics like tears, happy, ready, etc aren't acceptable. Of course, all the words of birds must be valid or be found in the dictionary.
  • You can choose to select light or dark modes. I recommend you play in the dark mode because it is better for your eyes. However, you shouldn't play for a long time.
  • Children or adults are able to experience this game. Each day only has one correct answer. After you guess the correct word, you can't play this game again. Therefore, don't forget to find some other games on our website. All games on our website are selected carefully. Therefore, you will have a relaxing time with them.


  • You can use your keyboards on the computer or type on the virtual keyboard on the screen.
  • If you play on the mobile, just tap on the screen.