Word Candy

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Making words online with Word Candy

You have to arrange the given letters to make many meaningful words in Word Candy. Of course, your words have to be valid in the game dictionary. How many words can you successfully arrange in this game?

How to collect candy

In this game, you will receive some letters to create meaningful words. With each collected word, you can get candy. Especially, for each letter you receive, you can arrange their positions to form different words. The more words you can arrange, the more candies you get. In addition, even the available words or the words you guessed will be displayed on the screen. So, look at them to not create duplicate words because if you duplicate, you will not get any more candy.

The principles of this game

The rules of Word Candy are straightforward. You earn candy by using the letters provided. Naturally, the reward grows in size and sweetness the longer you spread the word. Word Candy is just as addictive as candy if you follow this simple rule, but thankfully it is much healthier. Also, it is extremely brain-nourishing! Word Candy's timer will keep you on your toes, which is good because burning calories after eating all that sweet candy are important. This is an impressive game. It has not only entertainment value but also intellectual value. If you want to add more vocabs, this will be a suitable game. The game is like an effective method of learning new words that both stimulate creativity and help you be patient and easier to remember words. Or, if you are simply looking for a game to entertain and kill time, then Word Candy can also meet this need. However, if you want to try other game genres, don't forget to play other puzzle games such as Hurdle.

Take advantage of features in Word Candy

Word Candy is a game that requires the player to be a person with a good and quick vocabulary. Sometimes you will have difficulty in the game, please use the additional features in the game to support yourself.

Mix the letters in Word candy

As you know, letters can form many different answers in this game. They can have up to 8, 10, or even more answers. However, finding those answers is not easy. There are bound to be times when you get it wrong or are out of ideas. At such times, you can mix letters so that they automatically swap places. In doing so, you may get an idea or get a hint to find the word you're looking for. If it's wrong, that's okay, clear everything and start over! Do not forget to press enter after each word you create to check if it is correct or not! If you are correct, you can get more candies. In case this game isn't suitable for you, you can experience Zombie Bullet 3D or Cake Madness.

How to control

  • Use the mouse to play on the desktop
  • Tap the screen to play on the mobile.