Drive Mad

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Start the Race in Drive Mad

A dangerous 3D race is going on in Drive Mad. Join this race, master the speed, avoid all obstacles, and reach the finish line in a short time.

In Drive Mad, you will be lost in a world of cars and speed. Learn to ignore worries and enjoy the joys of speed. Sit in the car and start driving the cars to the finish line in the fastest way. Along the track, you and the car will encounter countless difficult challenges. Loose bridges, brick walls, etc., don't be afraid and keep going. Slowly and calmly master the speed, you will pass and reach the finish line quickly.

How to Control the Cars

Join the game and start learning how to control the car by controlling the mouse. Click and drag the left mouse button and drag or arrow keys and W, D, and X buttons. Sometimes when encountering swampy roads, have to go back, and remember the S, A, Z, Down, and left arrow keys to drive backward. Car control is very simple, mainly your quick reflexes to avoid dangers. Every time the car reaches the destination, you pass the screen and get a bonus. Along with that a new track, new scenery, and more obstacles. Those are the challenges you need to overcome to become a good racer and master speed.