Save My Pets

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The gameplay of Save My Pets

The goal of Save My Pets is like the name, you have to protect your pet. Do everything you can to keep your beloved dog from being stung by the bees. Do you love pets and cats? You can keep an eye out if you see a dog being stung around by bees. Surely not right? The dog in Save My Pets made a little mistake and angered the bees. Rescue the dog immediately or it will die.

Your mission in Save My Pets

You have to find a way to rescue this cute puppy. Only you can help it. Be creative and reason to draw a fence around the dog. You must shield the dog with the painted wall for 10 seconds during the bee onslaught to win the game. Things will become more difficult as you progress through the stages, requiring you to devise new solutions. Things will be difficult when the bee swarm is more and stronger, and dangerous objects outside also participate in hurting your dog. This is a game that tests your intelligence through each level. It is very suitable for playing with friends in moments of entertainment.

Guide play

When playing on your phone, use your finger to draw on the barriers. When playing games on the computer, use the mouse. After completing all levels in this game, you can check out other interesting games which are Hurdle, Quordle, and Drift F1.

Interesting features of Save My Pets

This puzzle game not only makes an impression with players by its funny gameplay, but also because of its exciting characteristics. Do you want to know what these characteristics are? Let's check!

Diverse levels of Save My Pets

In this game, anyone who takes part in solving the questions needs to come through 70 levels to crack the game. Especially, the higher level you experience, the more challenges you need to handle. You will face more bees, and more difficult questions. At each level, you may be overcome by bees as well as the water and lava. However, no matter how difficult the challenge, you still need to tend to the aim of get 3 stars. This is the maximum number of stars you can get at each level. So, what can you do to do this? Try to use as little ink as possible to draw your pet's protective line. In Save My Pets, you can keep track of the ink needed to get the corresponding number of stars through the star bar on the game screen.

Unlock new skins for your pets

Aiming to help players have more interesting and new experiences, Save My Pets allows gamers to unlock and change new skins for their pets. It can be said that, not only refreshing new challenges can help players become less boring, changing the appearance of pets also partly helps them feel more interested in the game. Therefore, don't forget to unlock these new skins! To get new skins for pets, you need to be able to collect more diamonds to unlock. For each random unlock, you need 300 diamonds.