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Introduce about Waffle

Waffle is a game that people who like crossword puzzles can not ignore. In the game, the waffle grids are given words, and let's arrange them into six words. Don't wait any more, let's explore this game!

Are you a sweet tooth? Do you love delicious waffles? This word-guessing game has the main theme which is waffle. You can see many beautiful waffles on the screen. Besides, the main background's color is brown. This game can be heaven for waffle lovers. You can expand your vocabulary and be entertained at the same time when enjoying this game.

Guess the words

A word game called Waffle requires you to guess six words, as opposed to Hurdle, which gives you six chances to guess one word. In order to create six-word combinations, the player must match green, yellow, and white words on a grid. Once all tiles have been correctly put or after all, movements have been attempted, the game is over. The game ended after the time was up. This game is different from Birdle in which you only get one puzzle each day, and you must wait until the next day to acquire another. You can play as many times as you want in a day with this game. You can connect words with more than 2 letters. The longer words you create, the more points you get in this game. You have to think carefully before connecting the letters. Your points will decrease if you connect the wrong letters and make invalid words. After many wrong times, you may lose all your points.

How to play

You can see a grid that includes many different letters. Your mission is to match the letters to have meaningful words. You can match any direction, but the letters must be next together. When playing a game, you can see a time column and score on the screen. You should pay attention to them because they can decrease after your movements. The correct words you connect also appear on the table of the screen. You can follow it to avoid repeating the existing words. Try your best to collect as many points as possible!

Play for a limited time

At each match, you will have 2 minutes to guess the words. After 2 minutes, you have to end the game although you have no valid word. That is the unique feature of this puzzle game. In normal word games, you have unlimited time to think carefully and give the answer. However, you only have a limited time when playing this game. Therefore, the game will be more difficult. How many words can you find in 2 minutes? This game can bring an entertaining game to you. If you like this game, don't forget to introduce these games with your friends. You and your friends can find many words in 2 minutes. Hope you will have a lot of time with this game!

Game control: Use your mouse to sort into the correct words.