Monkey Mart

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Monkey Mart is an entertaining management game. You will play as a monkey and manage a hotel with fruits to serve customers and collect money.

Management Work

When you first start the business, you will be asked to put up several stands within. Each stand and generating area has a construction fee. You'll be given a little quantity of money to purchase the first units. Following that, you will be able to acquire new stands with the revenue from your market sales. You must go to the manufacturing locations to gather the things and place them on the stands. When customers come in, you must make sales as a cashier. You will be unable to keep up with all of the work as the store grows. Hiring assistance can help you get things done. Grow fruit and move from station to station to fill the stalls with bananas, corn, and more that you will receive as you progress in the game. Customers will receive them and wait for you at the checkout. You can upgrade your character, unlock new jobs or even recruit other workers to help you run the supermarket!

Monkey Mart Guide

The game is completely free to play on phones and computers like String Theory, so you can play it anywhere with your friends. You just need to control the monkey with the ASDW keys to move. May your restaurant grow quickly and you will make a lot of money.