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Play Outspell online

Expand your vocabulary through the game Outspell! You will use the available letters to form a meaningful word and it must meet the requirements given.

The main target

In Outspell, where the objective is to form words using the available letters, put your word knowledge to the test. Take a close look at the board and see how many different word combinations you can come up with. You must beat your opponent's score to win. The letters will not be arranged in order. You need to use them to create a valid word. You can search for your word in the dictionary before pressing the submit button. Of course, you don't need to redirect to an online dictionary because this game has a dictionary. Just click on the dictionary button to search. You should try a new word if your word isn't in the dictionary. Good luck!

Understand the rules

The rules are similar to those of the well-known game of Hurdle. On the other hand, Outspell adds some novel twists to the established formula. Because you have to ensure that you occupy as many of these unique tiles as you can, this adds an additional layer of strategy to the game. You can't find this feature in any other games. You think this game is too hard for you and you want to practice first. The practice mode is available for you. Then, you can enhance your skills with easy, medium, and hard modes. The difficulty levels will increase according to the modes. A few players can reach the hard mode. Can you defeat all modes and beat any pro players in this game? Sometimes, you also can stop this hard game to relax your mind with Bardle. Asking for your crush's help is a great way to come close together. Don't skip this game! You can be surprised when experiencing a game.

Notes when playing Outspell

When starting the match, you can see your score on the screen. The opponent's points also appear on the screen. Remember that you only make a word without gaps. Your score always changes according to your letter arrangement. You can shuffle your letters if you want. If you can't create a word, don't be hesitant to recall the letters.

Good for all ages

The game has basic graphics which can be seen in almost any word game. With this simple design, you won't be disturbed by the colorful details. Children and adults are able to play this game. Expanding the word knowledge and entertainment is what this game brings to players. However, we recommend that playing for more than 8 hours per day isn't good for your eyes. Looking at the screen for a long time can make your eyes tired.

Control in different devices

Play on a computer by using the left mouse button, or on a smartphone or tablet by tapping the screen. Using a keyboard is required for some games. Instructions can also be found inside the game, so you will quickly be familiar with the control. I hope you will have a great time!