Animals Blast

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Intro Animals Blast

Enter the colorful animal world in Animals Blast. You need to activate the chain of animals of the same color to eliminate them and win with a high score.

Animals Blast promises to bring you a lot of challenges through 400 levels of the game. The game belongs to the light puzzle genre, so it will help you think to improve your thinking in your spare time. You just have to figure out how to destroy a series of animals to win and clear the level. With bright colors and addictive gameplay sure to suit all ages. Besides, the game is completely free on phones and computers, so you can play it anywhere without downloading anything.

The Way to Win

In Animals Blast, colorful cute animals are connected by paths that are next to each other. Your task is to find and use the mouse to click the animals on the screen to trigger a chain reaction. When you click on the animals, the bullets will appear in four different directions. Nearby animals will also be destroyed. Different animals also need different amounts of ammo to kill. You can kill pink animals with 1 bullet, 2 bullets for blue animals, and 3 bullets for orange animals. So you need to calculate so that you do not run out of steps and the number of bullets fired. Hope you can pass all of our 400+ levels.