Apple Worm

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Apple Worm Intro

Join the special puzzle game with Apple Worm. It needs to find its way to the gate to get out, but it's too small, so help it eat apples and grow.

When playing the game, you will see a blue worm with a sad face. Why? The reason is that our little worm is lost in a strange maze. The outer gate has a black circle that rotates continuously. That is the worm's destination to be free. But unfortunately, it is too small. In the maze, there are only apples and a few square or rectangular blocks. What will you have to do to help the worm get out here?

Help Worm Out Of Maze

You need to think the way and help our worm to get to the gate. Because it's also too small to be directly stretched. So first try to help the worm find its way to the red apple. Move with the ASDW keys and lean on the platform blocks to not fall. If the worm fails to grasp the platform, fall into the abyss and you will also lose the game. Wish you luck to pass the levels of Apple Worm.