Backrooms Game

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Horror room in Backrooms Game

If you love adventure, then you should try Backrooms Game right away. In the game, many rooms can contain scary monsters and you need to escape immediately.

After a riot, you got lost in the house. An abandoned haunted house. This is the background of the Backrooms Game which was inspired by a popular creepypasta on the Internet called The Backrooms. It's like a dark, cold, and scary maze that surrounds you. Flickering fluorescent lights, cobwebs, and the smell of mold everywhere. This house is self-contained, and isolated from the surrounding, so no one can help you. Especially it has a lot of rooms and each room will hide a lot of scary things behind maybe scary creatures. Are you ready to challenge yourself with these dangerous rooms?

How to escape from the scary room

Lost in the Backrooms Game, the only way for you to get out is to open the door to each room and face your fear. You just need to control your character with the arrow keys on the keyboard. Go to each room and find a way out of the danger. There will be unnecessary noises that interfere with your train of thought, let it be. Besides, there are also guide signs and some items along the way to help you. Note one thing, sometimes those instructions will also trick you into the monster. Remember to check your watch every 30 seconds and keep venturing deep inside but don't lose control. Hungry monsters are waiting for you, will you escape them safely?