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Description of Bardle

Bardle is an interesting word-guess-themed Shakespeare character game. In this game, you pay attention to arranging the words correctly and do not be fooled.

Do you know Shakespeare? He is an English playwright, poet, and actor. He has a lot of famous art pieces and he also widely affected the drama field. His works have been studied and performed until now. Bardle will give you a chance to show your knowledge about this talented dramatist. All the answers relate to Shakespeare. Therefore, sometimes you can search for the answer on the Internet. However, you should try to have the answer first. At the same time, your brain also is practiced.

Useful advice

The Bardle requires players to guess Shakespeare's letters which is the same as Wordlerry. If you follow the advice given below, you will be better able to take part in the game. Each guest needs to contain a real 5-letter word. Shakespearean figures, well-known quotations, and terms from the theater itself inspired the words. Shakespeare is also responsible for some of the terminology used in theater today. So, to provide a couple of apparent instances, you could come across the phrases "stage" or "scene" at some time. The color of the tiles will change after each guess to correct how closely you came to the answer. Try to determine which five-letter words or phrases were utilized by Shakespeare's characters.

Function of colors

The tone of the game lets you know whether your guess is accurate. The letter is in the proper location, as shown by the square's green hue. Its placement is undesirable if it has a yellow hue. The letter isn't anywhere if the tone of the letter is any indication. When you know the correct letters, you can use clues to find out the answer. This game requires logical thinking and deep knowledge. Each day, the answer will be renewed. If you can't guess the word in a day, you never see that answer.

Setting in Bardle

You can change the color of the background. To avoid making your eyes tired, you can choose the dark mode. The background will turn black. Moreover, your game statistics are available. You can see played times, win rate, current streak, and max streak. If you are a pro, don't forget to turn on hard mode. Any revealed hints must be used in subsequent guesses. You can join another word game that has unlimited topics. That is Hurdle where you have to find out the daily word. Of course, that game won't offer a special topic to guess like Bardle. Don't worry, the word will be simple and used daily. Have fun!

Enter the letters

  • You have two ways to type words if you play on a desktop. First, just type the keyboard on your desktop. Besides, you can click the mouse on the virtual keyboards on the screen.
  • If you enjoy it on the mobile, you just tap on the screen.