Bartender The Right Mix

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Start Making Cocktails

Try your hand at mixing cocktails in Bartender The Right Mix. Play as a bartender and mix drinks in the right proportions from different types of alcohol.

Entering the world of drinks in Bartender The Right Mix, you will enjoy funny mixing moments. Play as a bartender standing in front of a variety of wines from Vodka, Whiskey, Vermouth, Triple-Sec, Gin, etc. Try mixing them together adding ice and lemon for more flavor. You will also carefully create a drink with the power of a bomb.

Your Own Recipe

In Bartender The Right Mix, you will be able to mix your own drinks. You are free to create drinks according to your own recipes. First, left-click on the wines you want and press the Pour key to be able to pour the wine into the mixing cup. Of course, you can add lemon, ice, etc to create more aroma. Then, when you have had enough drinks, let's hold down the Shake key for the amount of time you want. If you shake it too long, you will definitely create a bomb and explode. Finally, when you want to finish, you feel that the cocktail is ready, then continue to hold down the Serve button. Then it is the AI bartender judges who will taste and score. When showing the score also includes the ways you have followed. Based on that improve your skills and make more cocktails with higher scores.