Basket Champ

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The Rule of Basket Champ

Play now Basket Champ and enjoy exciting sports moments with many challenges. Touch the ball and make it jump high and hit the basket as much as you can.

Basket Champ will give you different challenges along with many difficulty levels. Each level will be a unique experience for you to try. Just like in many other basketball games, you will have the task of pushing the ball into the basket. In Basket Champ, your ball will be dropped from a black space hole and rolled to a pop bar. That bar can move and is what will help you push the ball up to the basket. The levels will be arranged from easy to difficult. Each subject and obstacle also changed. They will not stand still, they move constantly and affect everyone's ball speed. Are you ready to join this competition and show off your top passing skills?

How to throw the ball into the basket

When playing this game on the computer, you just need to click on the bar to make the ball jump up and fall into the basket. On your mobile tap the screen to make the ball jump and fall into the basket. Try to keep the ball bouncing in a row, if it falls down, you lose and have to start the game again. That means you always touch the screen to make the ball move. Pay attention to the speed and reflection of the ball so that you can adjust the force for the ball to fall and hit the basket. Good luck.