Breaking the Bank

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Background of Breaking the Bank

Do you want to challenge yourself with Breaking the Bank? Amidst the range of options, are you smart enough to successfully make money without going to jail?

Breaking the Bank is set in a desolate desert. In the middle of this place, there is a bank and our stick guy can't control his greed. He was planning to steal. Robbing a bank is definitely not an easy task so he needs your help and decision-making for him to make the case a success.

Bank Theft

First, you will play your stick guy standing in front of the bank. Breaking the Bank will automatically give you a series of suggestions to make the heist. There will be ways such as blowing up the wall, getting into a sack for the police to bring into the warehouse, etc. Among so many options like this, you just have to think and left-click on the one you want. The game will then automatically show the next scenes of this heist. If you want to know if you have successfully stolen or not, wait until the end. Remember, if you choose wrong, you will be in prison waiting for you. Good luck.