Cookie Clicker City

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A City of Your Sweets

Cookies Clicker City is a fun-clicking game in spare time. You will use the cakes you create to be able to buy more things to upgrade for your city to grow.

A beautiful candy city created by yourself, are you excited? Coming to Cookie Clicker City, you will have the opportunity to build your own city. The main screen of the game will have a big cake and an island. You will embark on the work of building them gradually and have certain achievements. Let's make the city big and modern together with our people.

Building Development City

This is a candy city, everything is bought with money. First, manually click the mouse to produce cakes and earn money. Your wild land has nothing, save money to buy it gradually. Let's start with the mouse pointers that can make their own cake even when you're not playing. Next, buy more people, trees, etc. The more you do, the longer your cake production time will be. Everyone and everything in the city helps you to increase production, so you try. Earn money, buy a lot, and upgrade everything. Your city has five different growth stages and progresses gradually. You have to try really hard to make your city grow from the most primitive to the most modern. In Cookie Clicker City there are 600 upgrades and 700 achievements for you to try to complete, are you ready?