Dragon World

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Adventure in Dragon World

Have you ever imagined yourself controlling a dragon? Entering the world of Dragon World, you will join your dragon and go fight other dragons.

Entering a fairy tale universe and going on a journey full of adventure and magic in Dragon World is sure to give you a great feeling. This journey requires you to collect different dragon breeds and create new ones! Join the fight in tournaments with other players! Show everyone the might of your dragon and terrify everyone. Go for more than 3000 dragons with different abilities that need you to conquer.

Battle in Dragon World

There are five maps with small islands that are sure to be explored by you. Go around collecting dragons for yourself. You will travel with a large dragon among colorful herbs and trees. Choose your skin color and get used to climbing rocks or getting stuck among big bushes. Along the way, if you encounter other dragon opponents, the WASD or arrow keys will help you move the dragon. If you want your dragon to fly high, press the Space button. Also keep in mind the other playing keys like the left shift to sprint, Q to jump, C to down, or R to dodge. Don't forget your dragon has the strong fighting ability when left click to release a fireball and press Shift to release fire breath. To attack directly, right-click. Pay attention to the map at the M key. Another special thing is that you can chat with friends or opponents when you press the T key. This is a completely 3D and realistic world that will help you have interesting experiences. taste. So train your dragons, craft their armor, and join the battles.