Drift F1

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Experience speed racing with Drift F1. F1 racing tracks are full of danger, overcome narrow turns, and finish fastest to win this thrilling 3D race.

F1 race track

In every racing game, the F1 track is no longer strange to everyone, right? It is known to many people for its dangerous turns and its slippery slopes that are difficult to control. You're a racer, so show off your top skills now.

Your Mission

When participating in the race, your task is to show your top skills, avoid foreign objects on the road and reach the finish line as quickly as possible. Quick and slippery turns are what hinder you from reaching the finish line. If you do not have enough technique to turn the steering wheel to the turn, you will fall into the abyss. Along the way, collect coins, they will help you improve your score, and accumulate coins to upgrade your racing car. Just deftly overcome the challenge, the faster you run to the finish line, the higher your score will be on the leaderboard.

Game Control

The game has 35 levels equivalent to 35 races and 35 different maps for you to experience. To help the car race to the finish line, start the experience of playing on the computer and control the mouse when you reach the turning point. The game is also completely free on the phone, if you want to control it, you just need to use your hand to surf and control the screen. Join our other dangerous races like Path Control, Stickman Hook, Donut Stack, and Super Fighters to experience more challenging tracks.