Find Cat

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Naughty Cat

The naughty cats in Find Cat are hiding everywhere in the house, sometimes in a paper box, sometimes in a cupboard, let's find it to pass the level.

You and a cat live together in the same house. You have a cute cat and you are proud of it. But sadly your mischievous cat is very naughty and always lurks around the house. Every nook and cranny of your home is nowhere for a cat to hide. Paper boxes, under sofas, wardrobes, etc everywhere have cat paw prints. And of course, your task is to find that naughty cat. Search every nook and cranny of the house and find the cat's hiding place to pass the screen and get the bonus.

Guide to Finding Cat

When playing the game, you will definitely be overwhelmed by the objects that the cat can hide. But don't make it too complicated. Click and search one by one, many things you find will help you. For example, when the cat hides under the table, you find a toy that will attract and draw the cat out. At that point, you just need to come and feed the cat and hug them and you've completed the task.