Flip Skater Idle

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Flip Skater Idle will give you the thrill of skating on a slope with a series of dangerous obstacles. Take control of the car to safely reach the finish line.

Skilled skater

You will not just glide forward on your skates in this skating game. While you will encounter several obstacles on your route to the finish line, your skating technique will be different in this game. To avoid the obstacles and go on, you and your buddy will travel in a circular manner. During a series of fifty-five levels, you must improve your ability to handle this dual skating style, earn stars, and dodge all hazards in order to complete a level. As you begin the level, the skaters will begin skating automatically, and all you have to do is rotate them using the left and right arrow keys. So, take the road and see if you can see the finish line in this challenging adventure! The game also features power-ups and multipliers that may be utilized to boost the player's score.

Flip Skater Idle Control

You will have the opportunity to show off your power and technique to make everyone more amazed with ADSW keys that are used skillfully. With an attractive sound image like in Donut Stack, and Sling Tomb will surely make you addicted. Quickly play now and share with your friends to compete with your skiing skills.