Four In A Row

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The Rule Four In A Row

A competition between you and your opponent in Four In A Row is going on. You need to create four tiles of the same color in a row to be able to win.

Four In A Row is a multiplayer game suitable for all ages. When you start playing you will be given your favorite color to represent your disc color. Choose modes and add options in each mode to feel the most comfortable playing. Then you and your opponent will take turns dropping the disc onto the table. To drop the disc, use the mouse or hand clicks on the row you want. Whoever throws the discs in a straight line first, based on the number you choose, wins. The falling disks will be stacked one after the other. If you want to calculate diagonal win then calculate carefully. Remember to predict where your opponent's next moves will be to win.

Three modes in Four In A Row

There are three modes in Four In A Row for you to play. Each challenge has its own options. Let's see it together

Online Player

In this mode, you will be able to play online with close friends by creating rooms. You can create your own or your friends create. Just give each other room IDs to be able to comfortably play online and compete with each other.

Two Players

This second mode allows you to play together with opponents from anywhere. You will be playing randomly against a stranger and do not know their ability. It will be interesting for you to try it out

Play vs Computer

This is also considered a difficult mode because you will have to compete with AI. You will be very hard to trick it. But maybe you'll be better at what it's programmed to do. This mode will make you increase your ability significantly.

Choices In Each Mode

The common point in all three modes is that you can choose the name, color, board size, turn time, and win conditions. The playing board will have 3 sizes for you to choose from 7x6, 9x4, and 9x6. There are also win conditions like Three, Four, Five, and Seven in a row for you to try. Choose Six in a row then you need to line up your 6 discs to win. Likewise for the rest of the conditions. On average, each player will have 30 seconds to think about moves, but Four In A Row will give you the option to increase or decrease the time. Have you selected the elements you want and are ready to join the game?