Freehead Skate

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Start Skateboarding With A Stickman

Enter the world of Freehead Skate and you skate in comfort. You are allowed to separate your head from your body and still have to skate to avoid obstacles. While controlling the ice and controlling the head, try these challenges to see if you can overcome the challenges at each level.

Skating Comfortably

Even the name of the game Freehead Skate, you can guess part of it? You will play the game without a head both literally and figuratively. In the game, you will control the figure skater. Especially this character can split his head. Sounds interesting right? Skating without a head is definitely more fun and gentler than usual. It is also meant to bring gentle comfort during your relaxation time. All worries and stress are thrown at the back of your head.

Difficulties Stickman Faces When Skating

Because the unique gameplay mechanics of Freehead Skate requires you to be more focused when playing. The character can't bend, so you have to jump with your whole body or just jump with your head to avoid approaching danger. And because you're on a skateboard, it's harder to react to dangerous obstacles. It requires you to quickly decide what kind of dance you need to do. You have to jump continuously and non-stop. Keep sliding, and master the relentless speed increase until you reach the finish line. Once you pass a level, you will again have the opportunity to skate on more difficult terrain. There will be levels where you need to use a lot of skills to rotate and rotate your head and body. But these are the challenges that you should experience.

Control stickman in Freehead Skate

You can left-click to move the stick man in the game. When encountering platforms on the way, if you want to separate your head from your body, press the S key, and jump your whole body up, press the A key. You need to have agility and proficiency to overcome the challenges in the game. I believe you will make it and become a great skater.