Geometry Dash Lite

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The race track in Geometry Dash Lite

If you are a lover of Geometry Dash, you should not ignore Geometry Dash Lite. Let's start the journey to overcome each challenge and complete the roads.

You must be familiar with the race tracks in Geometry Dash. Now with Geometry Dash Lite, you experience even more clearly the dangers and fast speeds of deadly races. This is like an amazing adventure. You will feel like you are lost in a land full of beautiful neon lights but hidden with many deadly dangers. Play now and enjoy 15 game modes with different difficulties. Besides, there are 7 characters that you can randomly play Cube, Ship, Ball, UFO, Wave, Robot, and Spider. What's more special, every time you go through a gate you have the opportunity to appear with a different character.

Survive in Geometry Dash Lite

You need to run fast and far in Geometry Dash Lite, so you need to control your characters flexibly. The character will automatically run at an increasing speed, your task is to click the mouse to make the character jump to avoid dangerous obstacles. If you hit a dangerous obstacle, you will lose the game. The character you play will change constantly and each character has its own feature and a lot of skins for you to change. It is these things that have made the new special and made all players excited. Join us on this exciting journey and share your achievements with your friends.