Line Rider

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The Rule of Line Rider

Line Rider is a speed drawing game that attracts many plays. Draw a ski track for you and start your journey through dangerous races.

You love drawing and love speed. Let's start riding along a drawn line with a universally adored flash game that you can play. The track needs to be adequate smooth to prevent the character from falling off the sled because the game features simulated physics. Although simple, there will certainly be times when you get stuck in a loop that you create yourself. Unrealistic stunts both on and off the sled can be found in new tracks. Somewhere feature hand-carved mountain slopes and trees. Along the way, you'll also create music that's so fun that people have to admit you're a genius. The basic idea is that you draw a line, hit the play button, and watch Bosh, the person on the sled, ride down it. There are buttons across the top of the sandbox-like game interface. There are three different kinds of lines: normal lines (blue), acceleration lines (red), and scenery lines (Green). Following your choice of the pencil or line tool, you can choose these from three swatches. There are many dangerous obstacles you have to overcome to reach the finish line.

Character control

Use the mouse to drag and move the character. If he stalls on the course, he will experience a pixel-crushing jump and an infinite chasm. So look carefully and think carefully about the track before drawing.