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Looper is a fun multi-level rhythm game with a ball. You will move the ball around the path as quickly as possible without hitting obstacles.

About Looper And Ball

In Looper, your aim is to maneuver a little ball across a grid, eventually covering the full grid with the ball's route. It may appear simple at first, but as you go through the game, the riddles grow increasingly complicated and tough. You'll need to utilize your problem-solving abilities to choose the best course to pursue and avoid obstacles in your path. Looper is popular with gamers of all ages because of its intriguing gameplay and straightforward yet engrossing aesthetics. Also, as there are no downloads or installs needed, you may start playing the game right away and lose yourself in its engrossing action.

How To Play Looper

Click the start button and use the arrow keys to move the ball. If you encounter an obstacle, use the X to jump. Just like that, the path of the ball repeats to the rhythm of the sound and you win, unlocking the next level. Besides, we also introduce you to some other rhythm games like Cut For Cat and Boat Rush.