Lulu Run

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Lulu's Journey

Enjoy the moments of running, jumping, and rolling with the bunny in Lulu Run. You need to make the Lulu run without colliding with traps along the way.

Enjoy and try to experience the feeling of running hard with Lulu Run to eliminate stress in life. When playing the game, you just need to run at a fast speed and control your character without obstructions. These are spectacular adventures. But sharp stones always stopped the way. Avoid fast to continue the journey, don't give up and you will win. And yet, you will also have to face the monsters up and down unexpectedly. Skills, agility, running, jumping, and rolling you need to make decisions quickly. The most important thing you need to remember is the income of three stones to complete the task.

How To Help Lulu Run, Jump, And Roll

Lulu control is not difficult, when you want to dance when you meet the monsters, you need to use the X key or left arrow. The height of the jump changes depending on the time you press the jump. Right Arrow Key or Z rabbit key will roll. The Most Important is to use the mouse to move and run and earn gold coins.