Master of Donuts

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Become a baker

Join a great candy world with Master of Donuts. Can you become a master baker and arrange beautiful cakes of the same color together? Let's enjoy the sweetness.

In Master of Donuts, you are the chef who makes extremely good cakes. Unfortunately, due to being too busy with guests, your cake stacks are very messy. Pink strawberry cake layered with yellow buttercream cake, etc. The cakes are not in the original order. As a master baker, you can't let that happen in your kitchen. Make a lot of cakes and still arrange them in the order of each color.

How to arrange the cake

Playing Master of Donuts, you will have to face three different stacks of cakes. They vary in color, size, and flavor. You just need to left-click on the pieces of cake you want to move and click on the position where you want to put the cake down. Let's create stacks of cakes of only one color. This is like a colorful and gentle brain training puzzle game suitable for children. With increasing difficulty through the level, the children will be able to deduce the paths and arrange the stacks of cakes in many different ways. Play now and see how far you can go in this sweet candy game.