Maze Hide Or Seek

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Different Characters with Different Missions

The game hides and seek that was so familiar is back full of novelty in Maze Hide Or Seek. You will be assigned to different roles and perform different tasks.

Enter the game in a mysterious maze with other players. You will be randomly assigned to a different role. You can be a commoner and go into hiding. Or you play as a serial killer who hides his face and goes to kill people. Enter this labyrinthine world to see your own abilities.

How to Play Maze Hide Or Seek

First, you will use the mouse and control your character to move around according to the instructions to see which character you play. If you play the role of a masked killer, the screen will show weapons to help you. Take all you have, move the mouse around, and kill all the other players. If you play as a villager, you have to go into hiding, you will also need to move the mouse around to find the switches and open the hiding door. Hope you have a good time playing the characters in this maze.