Ninja Escape

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Ninja Escape is a dramatic action game. It allows you to have the skills of a true ninja, flexibly avoid sharp obstacles, and destroy enemies.

About Ninja Escape

You've heard a lot about ninjas, right? Our ninjas always face a lot of dangers, the enemies appear suddenly and kill at any time. Now, you will also experience that feeling with Ninja Escape. Dangers are looming everywhere, you will surely be haunted by spiked darts along the way. And yet, there are fierce samurai waiting for you. They hide and appear, if you don't pay attention, they will definitely kill you immediately. Avoid all spikes by moving quickly jumping, sliding, fly or you'll lose. To unlock the infinite mode and top all scores, simply follow the master and finish every level. Each level will be more and more difficult, so be careful.

How To Control The Ninja

The quick reflexes and dexterity of the ninja are very necessary conditions. Practice that ability with the ASWD keys or the arrow keys to bring out the full potential of the ninja. Show your intelligence and virtuosity by joining our other popular games which are Nick Block Party 3, Hangman, Slingshot Vampire, and Sling Tomb. Have fun!