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Endless Space in Octagon

Join the endless running in Octagon with colorful 3D space. Run and jump to enjoy amazing speed and avoid collision with dangerous obstacles.

When you click on the start button, you've joined a speed race. In the game, you will control a running ball rolling in an endless tunnel. The ball runs and you control the speed to control the ball without collision. In this cellar there is not much danger, you will die. You keep running as far and faster as you can. Using the arrow keys or the ASDW keys quickly to control the ball is a necessity. With the ball overcome these difficulties and get bonus points in the leaderboard.

Octagon Features

First, when participating in the Octagon, you will enjoy endless running moments. In the game, there will be no leveling, only going further and increasing speed. Meaning, once you lose the game, you will have to start over. Obstacles appear more and more, so it will also train you to have high reflexes. Besides, the beautiful neon colors and catchy sounds are also an attraction for every player. In the end, there won't be a store for you to buy additional help items. You will have to overcome the difficulties yourself, let's see how far you can go.