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About Quordle

Quordle is a fun puzzle game about colorful crosswords that is similar to Hurdle. Let's focus on solving puzzles and guessing the word you need to guess the fastest.

How to win in Quordle

In this word-guessing game, you must correctly guess four-word boxes simultaneously. You can use color suggestions to identify which letters are and are not part of the hidden words. As a result, the virtual keyboard in the game has four portions, each with a different hue depending on the side of the game. If anyone has a passion for puzzles and wants to try them, then Quordle will be very suitable for you. It is a far more challenging variant of the well-known word puzzle game that pushes the limits of your knowledge since, unlike Wordle, it asks you to guess four words each day as opposed to just one. You'll get some nice brain workouts from it, and it's fairly difficult. While you still need to enter one word to submit, four puzzle quadrants with feedback will appear. Press the Enter key after typing the first word, which should include between 4 and 6 letters (depending on your settings), matching the number of squares on a line. Join now with these challenging puzzles, solve them step by step, and it's great to play with friends to have a good time together. After conquering this game, you can move to Waffle.

How To Control

Click on the character boxes at the bottom, and there will be suggestion boxes on the screen. You rely on that and keep guessing until you can guess the words.

Some tips for you in Quordle

This is not an easy game. If you need some information to better understand the gameplay or easier to win in this game, the information below may be useful to you.

Base on the colors of the letters

In this game, you will see 3 different colors of the letters with different meanings. Gray is the letter that does not appear in the search word, yellow is the letter that is in the search word but is in the wrong place. Whereas, green is the letter that is in the word and the appropriate position. Therefore, you just need to care about the yellow and green letters and eliminate the gray ones. You must depend on these suggestions to guess and arrange them into meaningful words. If you guess correctly, all the letters of that word will have a green color. Also, you should notice the time you complete the challenge with the less time as well as.

Choose the difficult level suitable to your ability

In Quordle, there are 3 levels for choosing, which are divided into levels of 4, 5, and 6 letters in a word. You can experience all of them to challenge yourself. However, if you are a new player in this game, you should choose the easiest level for you. This will not make you feel bored. And then, after understanding the game, you can be confident to play at the highest level and try to crack the game. In addition, Quordle also gives you a guideline so that you can read and practice first, and take advantage of it.