Raccoon Rescue

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Shoot the ball in Raccoon Rescue

In Raccoon Rescue, an adorable panda is looking at colorful balloons. They are falling, shoot balls of the same color, and keep the panda safe.

When playing Raccoon Rescue you will see a great combination of dinosaur egg shooting and ball shooting. There are also cute pandas among the colorful balloons. Your mission will not shoot the spotted dinosaur eggs anymore, instead, you need to shoot colorful balloons. It is floating in the air, but as soon as you shoot one, it will fall faster. Gradually, those balls will press on the panda's body. Their falling speed is very fast, you should observe carefully and aim properly.

Panda Rescue Guide

Just like the dinosaur egg shooting game, when playing Raccoon Rescue, only balls of the same color can create an explosion. That means you have to use the mouse to aim and shoot accurately at the balls of the color you have. The little circle next to the panda will tell you what color your next ball will be. Just use your hand to click on the location and the panda will throw the ball. The more balls you destroy, the more points you get. But if you throw in the right spot that doesn't have the same color, your ball will get stuck. That makes the ball beam more ball and fall faster. Try to overcome all challenging levels in Raccoon Rescue and become a skilled ball shooter.