Sky Bridge

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Intro Sky Bridge

Go on an exciting journey in the Sky Bridge. You need to build a bridge to jump from building to building. The further you go, the more points you get.

Come to the cute Sky Bridge game and you will enjoy the feeling of playing on high. You are at the top of the buildings, covered with clouds and bones. You definitely need to get over them. Jumping from building to building isn't easy, is it? So you need to build bridges to be able to pass the houses. Try to pass as many houses as you can to feel the feeling of standing on top.

How to Build a bridge

It is so simple that anyone can do it. You just need to hold the mouse and release it to have a bridge. The longer you hold, the longer the bridge becomes. Accurately judge the distances to be able to pass dangers safely. Besides, buildings will tend to get narrower the further you go. Be careful to pass through as many skyscrapers as possible to get a high score.