Smart Looter

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Do you want to become rich thieves? Use your wits to start doing treasure heists that surprise everyone and don't get caught in Smart Looter.

Dangerous thefts

In Smart Looter, you will have the opportunity to use your quick wits to carry out dangerous thefts. If you want to become rich, that's the only way. Make a detailed plan for yourself now. Choose a location to steal, what to steal, containers, disguise, and especially escape. Use your intelligence to find a way out for yourself or you will go to jail and lose. Start planning carefully and steal right away.

Game Control

After planning, are you ready to steal at night? When you arrive, to move to find objects, use the mouse to move and control the character. Go to every nook and cranny containing treasures, gems, etc. Steal it and put it in a backpack, so simple. But no, the police officers watch all day and move a lot. Pay attention, distract, and do everything you can to not be bored with those people. When they show up in red, it's a warning, they've seen you. You need to run fast to escape. After stealing items and going out to climb on your teammates' cars, you will win and pass the level. Continue to the next more difficult levels with different theft locations. And keep testing your wits with our other games like Pupper Mahjong, Guess Word, True?, and Mini Crossword.