Soccer Dash

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Soccer Dash is a soccer game that is sure to be addictive for you. Calmly choose the direction of the kick and shoot the ball into the goal as much as possible.

About Soccer Dash

After the game has begun, pick your preferred team, then chase and strike the ball fast to avoid obstacles and defeat opponents that will stand in your way of success. As soon as the warning arrow appears, the game will automatically slow down, allowing you time to analyze the situation and decide what to do next. You'll have a great chance of scoring a goal if you utilize it to confuse the goalkeeper. Avoid the various dangerous situations that provide a risk of death, such as those involving rotating, sharp circular saws. It's possible to use. If you need to propel yourself over a hill or over a cliff, you can use the trampoline and the fans. You may certainly state that you are a serious title contender if you play soccer and get all the way to the World Cup final.

How To Play Soccer Dash

Pushing and holding down the left mouse button allows you to adjust the direction and force of your shot. There are 25 thrilling stages with varied degrees of difficulty in front of you, where you must overcome throngs of adversaries and a variety of perilous traps. If you like you can try other football games like Rotate Soccer, and Puppet Soccer Zoo.