Sort Hoop

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In the Sort Hoop, you see a lot of colorful rings in the same place messed up. You calculate the steps to put the rings of the same color in the same place.

In Sort Hoop, your task is to find the solution to the puzzles so that the rings of the same color are in the same place. After the arrangement is complete, you have won and passed the next level. In general, it requires you to sort a variety of colorful hoops in order for puzzles to uncover the answers to progressively tough.

Difficulty in Sort Hoop

There will be a lot of messy colors that force you to remove all the fixed rings and rearrange them. There will be times when there is no more space, and the column containing these color rings is limited only by the number of colors in the level. So let's analyze each step carefully and plan it out. Arrange your actions to sort the colorful hoops using the proper strategy to complete the game in the shortest amount of time. To separate the colors, set the hoops according to the rules for the large hoops below and the tiny hoops above. The challenge grows in the next stages with larger hoops and more colors!

How To Play

Use the mouse to drag and drop each ring box, until filtering out each column with each color you will win and receive a reward. Let's solve more puzzles with Mini Crossword, and True? with friends to see who is the fastest and smartest.