Stack Colors

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Intro Stack Colors

Stack Colors is a running game with color challenges. You will run on a path to collect objects of the same color along the way and reach the finish line.

You will control a person running quickly across the road. The player's color corresponds to the color bars to pick up. Along the way, the colors will also change constantly as you pass through the color-changing barrier. It means that when your head is green, you will collect green tiles only. When running a segment, you will change the color to yellow for example, then you have to change to collect yellow cards. Absolutely do not collect cards of different colors, otherwise, the amount you have collected will be reduced. After running for a certain amount of time and distance, you will reach the finish line.

How to Play Stack Colors

You need to control the character with the mouse or move it with your hands flexibly from left to right. Pay attention to choosing the right color that you need to earn. When you reach the finish line, remember to tap the mouse hard so that the character kicks the colored cards. The more cards, the farther you kick the more points you get. Let's play and share the results with friends.