Stick City

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Join The Money Theft

Start clicking on the game, you will be a black stick guy walking along the street. Walking for what? Stealing money, of course. In a crowded city, there are bound to be a lot of people or banks. This is the place for you to freely roll around and steal money from people around.

Stealing money in the city

Crowded and bustling are the characteristics of the city. People are busy and don't pay attention to their surroundings. Favorable time and opportunity for you to take their money. Use your toughness to wriggle and run around and steal. See who drops money, collects it all, and gets rich.

Difficulty In Stealing

The city has a lot of money, but security is everywhere. You pick up money, the guard will catch you right away, and you lose the game. Next, the population density is dense, so the number of vehicles passing through is also high. If you do not skillfully dodge, or get hit by a car, you will also die. In the end, the whole city is not just about you stealing. You will meet countless other sticky people just like you. Therefore, high competition in the game is inevitable. And yet, if you pick up money from someone hit by a car or on the road, your opponent can do the same to you.

How To Steal Money

To move on the street, you need to use the mouse and control your stickman. To go in any direction, hold down and drag the left mouse button. Go to the place where there is money, stand and stop there, you have already earned money. Remember, avoid the police, and avoid cars if you don't want to be stabbed to death or arrested. There are thieves like you everywhere so a lot of police patrol, you have to be careful. This is just a fun game to test your quick reflexes, so let's play it with your friends.