Tap Tap Shots

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The Pitches in Tap Tap Shots

Tap Tap Shots is a light entertainment game very suitable for those who love sports. Let's show off your top skills and throw a lot of balls into the basket.

Surely Tap Tap Shots will surprise you with its unique basketball gameplay. You still have to throw the ball into the basket but you won't be a specific human character anymore. While playing you will need to control the ball so that it enters the basket on its own. Your task is to hit the ball into the baskets as much as possible. Throw quickly because the time for you to throw in each basket is limited. If you miss, don't worry, the number of balls is infinite, so hurry up and throw the next balls to not lose. The more you throw beautiful balls into the basket in one go, the higher your score will be on the leaderboard.

How to Throw The Ball into The Basket

When you play on the computer, you use the left mouse click to make the ball fly up. The faster you click in succession, the higher the ball will jump. You should pay attention to controlling the speed of mouse clicks because the high and low baskets are always uneven. They go up and down erratically, so if you want a high score, pay attention. A shot that hits the side of the basket can only get you one point. Throw directly into the basket you will get two points. In three consecutive throws of 2-point balls, you will create a fireball and perform 10-point drunk shots. Good luck and get a good score.