Temple Run 2

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Accompany with character

What happens when you are defeated by a monster? You must run fast and avoid the traps in the game Temple Run 2. This is the only way to escape the monsters.

Run to escape

In the game Temple Run 2, accelerate to full speed and explore the temple's ruins, which contain traps in addition to riches. Your character is being pursued by an oddly ferocious creature, and he must not deviate from his path or risk being eaten! Hold onto ropes, jump over dangerous flames and sharp rocks, slide under rocks, and flee temple ruins to whitewater canals that you can speed down. Temple Run 2 is a game that you can play forever in which you must make every effort to travel the farthest distance possible. Also, try to get as many gold coins as you can; these can be used to learn new skills. Additionally, the game offers daily challenges that reward you with bonuses for gold coins. Many kinds of games on our website can help you unwind. They are Skate Hooligans, Slayaway Camp, The Boss Game!, and Hurdle.