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Threes and Numbers

Let's start reasoning in Threes with numbers. At first, you will only have small numbers like 1,2,3 quickly combine them to get bigger numbers and high scores.

If you are passionate about puzzles with numbers, it is impossible that you do not know 2048 with Threes. Unlike 2048, which only pairs with even numbers, multiples of 2, Threes will start from squares 1,2, and 3. Still continuing the journey to match numbers together to create cells with larger values. and get more points. Are you ready for this new and colorful number-matching journey?

Threes and How to Match Numbers

Unlike other number games, in Threes squares 1 and 2 you can only combine them to make 3. You cannot match one to one and two to two. But from the cell with the value 3 and up, you can start matching cells with the same value. The way to pair numbers is very simple, you just need to drag the mouse or swipe on the screen to drag. For example, there are two 3 cells that are not blocked, drag up and down left and right as you like to get cell 6. Continuing like this, shrink the cells to create a cell with a higher value and higher score. When you can't merge any more cells, the playing board on the screen runs out of empty cells, and you lose.