Zombie Bullet 3D

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In Zombie Bullet 3D, you face zombies that are surrounding and harming you. Pick up your guns, show off your top marksmanship skills, and destroy them.

Doomsday happens

The whole city is inhabited by strange creatures. They make horrible noises and stink. They like to eat people alive and are a zombie so it is difficult to destroy. The only way to stop them is to break their heads. They are called zombies. They have bitten many people and infected those bitten into zombies like them. Don't let that happen stronger. Pick up your gun and stop them. Put an end to this scary apocalypse.

Guide to killing zombies in Zombie Bullet 3D

The zombies in this shooting game crowd and attack in endless waves. Whenever they see prey, they focus and tear. They're scary, but still not as good as Angry Birds Rio, Mr. Bullet Big Bang, Super Fighters, and Boat Rush so you shouldn't worry too much. You can spend the money earned from killing zombies to buy more powerful weapons and ammunition. Or you can use coins to unlock new limits to explore. Choose the right weapon and aim. Note that they are very sensitive so if you shoot by mistake, they are not dead and have detected your position. In the meantime, run fast with the AWDS keys before it becomes their dinner.