Cake Madness

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Immerse yourself in the world of sweets

Cake Madness is a paradise of sweet teeth. You will have to collect a lot of cakes by pairing them together. The game will have a few rules to follow.

Complete the levels

Cake Madness, a 3-in-a-row game with hundreds of cakes, sweets, and pastries to match to score points, will whet your appetite. You have three minutes to finish as many rounds as possible and earn the required score for each one. If you want to go even further and achieve a higher score, make use of those priceless bonuses for more time and points. Classic gameplay with a new theme will bring many surprises to players. This game is also suitable for young children as it does not contain violent or rebellious images. Amazing cakes are waiting for you to collect. Don't miss many other interesting games on our website like Stack Ball, Hurdle, Temple Run 2, Skate Hooligans, etc.