Collect Em All

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Collect blocks of the same color in a row with Collect Em All. The combination will have tremendous destructive power to help you earn money and pass the level.

About Collect Em All

When playing the game, you have to connect blocks of the same color, drag and create a really long line. The longer your combo, the bigger explosions you can make and the more blocks you can destroy. That means you will definitely get more money. The number of pulls and time is not limited, you just need to play until you complete the task and go to other levels.

Feature of Collect Em All

Striking colors and vibrant sounds will keep you amused and captivated. Remember to enter and play every day to complete the missions and get many attractive rewards. Clear the blocks and climb to the top of the leaderboard to surprise everyone.

How To Control

Look closely and start pulling. Just like Drift F1 you only need to use the mouse to drag when playing on the computer to be able to connect the cells together. When playing on the phone, you need to have a quick and skillful hand to swipe on the screen. Wish you luck to create big explosions and pass each level.