Crazy Combat

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Crazy Combat is an incredibly frantic shooter just like the name. The Multiplayer joins this bloody gunfight, joins the fight, and survives to the end.

About Crazy Combat

Frantic fighting will take place while you play this game. You are assigned important tasks right from the start. Perform combat missions with enemy teams. This is a multiplayer game so be careful. People who want to kill you appear everywhere.

Battle begins

Unlike Stick Merge gunfight games, you play Crazy Combat and don't have to spend money to buy the appearance of your favorite character. But you can buy more guns, and upgrade and equip your weapons as diverse as Evo Explores. While playing, pay attention to the 360 maps in the corner of the screen to observe enemy player positions. Get close to them and shoot before the opponent detects and destroys you. And fortunately, when you get shot, it only takes a few seconds for you to recover and continue fighting. When killing all opponents through the screen, the game will automatically summarize the score based on your time and number of hits.

Character control in Crazy Combat

With the WASD keys or the arrow keys, your character will move or want to run quickly, use the Shift key combination with those buttons. Since this is a multiplayer game, you can play with your friends and press the Y or T key to open the chat menu. Open the map with the E key and track the opponent. As a good shooter, you should also choose the right time to aim with the right mouse button and left click to destroy. In particular, want to use the ability to jump. Please press the Space key.