Stick Merge

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If you are passionate about the action genre, come to Stick Merge to the top shooting scenes. Shoot the enemy and combine guns to become powerful.

Bloody shootings

When playing Stick Merge, you will be playing the role of a stickman who participates in bloody shooting battles. Whether you can become a good marksman and survive to the end depends on your quickness. Enemies are anywhere, in the bushes, behind the walls. They are snipers and want to kill you instantly. Be the best, professional shooters, and don't let them hit the mark. You can also try your hand at being a pro shooter and marksman in battles with Ninja Escape, Angry Birds Rio, Sling Tomb, and Slingshot Vampire.

Game Control

In this battle, you shoot the opponent, you will get more money as well as diamonds and treasure buffalo. Save there, and when you have enough, go to the shop and buy the weapons you like. Then, click and left mouse button to combine the weapons. So you have created an advanced gun that the enemy does not have. When you have a combat weapon, aim and observe the enemy, then drag the mouse to that place immediately to destroy. After killing all enemies, you will win and go to the next level.