Glove Power

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Glove Power is an extremely attractive and addictive obstacle-running game. You have to run and overcome dangerous obstacles to reach the finish line.

You will control the glove on the track like controlling a normal person running, but there will definitely be different special points. Glide across the track with a gauntlet at lightning speed. Experiencing ingenuity to avoid dangerous traps along the way to the finish line and receive well-deserved rewards.

The Power Of Gloves

Glove Power contains six power-up gems. Time, space, power, reality, and soul are among them. Each gem is distinct and provides you with an edge! Time, for example, slows time, and strength allows your glove to knock harmful objects out of the path. Seeing the power of this glove so terrible, you must try to earn enough to become the strongest.

Game Control

Use your mouse and control your glove skillfully to avoid sharp obstacles that make you lose the game. This is like a dangerous and challenging race track but also a journey for you to discover new things. Play now Glove Power or Drift F1 to see your quick reflexes and controls.