Total Crush

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When playing Total Crush, you will have to destroy fortified buildings with cannons and explosives, only when the building completely collapses you will win.

Your Mission

In the game, you will play the role of a villain, control a gun and destroy fortified buildings. You will be able to control huge cannons, give explosives and explode, the house will collapse. No need to worry because the faster the houses fall and fall, the more points you will get. When the house is completely destroyed you will go to a new level and continue to destroy the next house.

Game Features

First, it's completely free, so you can comfortably play on the web using your computer or phone without having to download any web. Just like when playing Collect Em All, the interesting colors and sounds of this game always make you release all the pressure when playing the game. With so many levels with different difficulties will also make you no longer feel too bored.

Game Control

With a cannon with three types of ammunition available normal, hot nickel ball, and bomb, use the control keys to change the direction of fire, and aim carefully. Adjust the force and direction carefully so that the bullets shoot out and hit the house according to your calculations. Just like that until you destroy the house, get money, and upgrade the weapons to pass the next level.